How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?  

The use of mobile devices for business hasbecome increasingly common, but many companies remain cautious and uneasy aboutimplementing a mobile archiving solution. 

Despite the increasing use of personal mobile devices in the workplace, several regulatory standards and laws still require mobile compliance. These include SOX, HIPAA, and HITECH. In addition, there are many public records act and FINRA regulations that require mobile archives, which are essential for businesses.

When choosing a mobile archiving solution, make sure it can support all mobile communication types. This is critical as there are many types of mobile content, and the best solution will capture them all. Moreover, it must also be compatible with multiple networks. A POC can help you choose a solution that supports the broadest range of mobile communications, including text messages and photos. Lastly, a mobile archiving solution must support the broadest range of devices and network carriers.

But how do you determine if a Mobile Archiver POC is successful?

Determining if a Mobile Archiver POC will be successful depends on the type of data the client wants to manage. For example, if a customer wants to archive documents, they will need a solution to capture and manage that data. A mobile archiver will make this possible. If your company is looking for a solution to help your customers manage their records, a mobile archive may be the best option.

While creating a POC may seem simple, it is essential to document the process carefully. It is also important to capture details such as the number of people involved, the time it took, and the deal size. You should also document bugs, technical wins, and product feature requirements. This will help you repeat the process if you want to ensure that the solution is a success.

Ideally, a POC is easy to execute and can concentrate on the problem at hand. Be sure to protect the scope and limit your work to one or two key areas. This way, you won’t get caught up in the ‘scope creep,’ the most common killer of potentially great products over the past two decades. Ultimately, you’ll be able to gauge if your POC is successful by learning from your customer’s experience.

Do you want to explore more about Mobile Archiver POC and the ways to determine its success? If so, don’t hesitate to check out more at the infographic we have from Telemessage.

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