Being in debt is an uneasy feeling. You know you need to sort out your finances but you find yourself stuck. Sometimes, we aren’t able to figure a way out no matter how hard we try. At this time, we need experts by our side. York Credit Services provides its clients with the best debt relief program. During the process, they evaluate the financial situation of the client. Based on that, they curate a plan that will help to bring down the debt and increase their saving. When undergoing the process, it is crucial to remember that it can’t simply take away your debt or increase your credit score. You will have to work as per the plan. Following are some of the frequently asked questions.

What is the qualification for a Debt Relief Program?

There is a qualification criterion for this program. An individual should owe $8,000 or more as unsecured debt. Along with that, they should also have a source of income. To know whether you would qualify or not, it is best to reach out to York Credit Services

What is the amount of debt that will be reduced?

With the debt relief program shared by them, you would be able to reduce your debt by over 60%. The exact amount by which the debt would be decreased is dependent on the situation. Their expertise is usually able to reduce about 50-75% debt in almost all types of financial situations. Apart from that, all the interests that you have been paying will stop almost immediately.

Does York Credit Services provide Debt Relief services to Small Businesses or Large Corporate?

Whether you are a small business or a large corporate company looking for a debt relief program, reach out to York Credit Services. They provide specialized debt relief solutions for all.

What happens if you owe Canada Revenue Agency for income tax, HST/GST or Payroll Deductions?

The Debt relief plan shared by the credit counsellors can resolve all these types of debt. When you enter the program, any Canada Revenue action like a wage garnishment or frozen accounts is stopped.

Will the program impact the credit score?

When you want to increase your credit score, the first step is to repay the debt. Once you have resolved the debt by following the debt relief program, you will begin to see an improvement in your credit situation. It will impact your credit rating. They will also provide you with a credit repair solution. As this will help you to increase your credit score.

How can it help to repair the credit?

If looking to repair your credit, York Credit Services will help you out. They provide credit rebuilding assistance to all the clients with them. Their plan is usually successful in re-establishing the credit rate. All of this is achieved within a reasonable time. The credit specialists will provide you with more information about the same. Credit rebuilding is designed as per the client’s financial situation. They will also educate you on how you can handle your finances better.

By Gloria Brown
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