What is the Process for Purchasing Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Online?

The Volkswagen Polo first graced Indian roads in 2010. Since then, the hatchback has become one of the fastest-selling cars in India, with a new model expected to launch by November 2023. The cost of this car can vary from ₹6 lakhs approximately to ₹10 lakhs and above. As such, it is important to get the right motor car insurance cover for your Volkswagen Polo so that your favourite car can be protected at all times.

What is the Cost of Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance?

The final cost of the Volkswagen Polo insurance will depend on the make and model of the car and the ex-showroom price. Type of coverage (i.e. add-ons or zero DEP cover), and claim history may also affect your final premium amount. However, to make it easier for you to calculate your budget and check feasibility, you can compare car insurance prices for the various models of Volkswagen Polo currently available with the below table:

Volkswagen Polo Car Models Variants IDV (Insured Declared Value) Zero Depreciation Cover Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1L Rider 5.70 lakhs 3,315 11,243
Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Trendline 999 5.76 lakhs 3,003 12,732
Volkswagen Polo Highline Plus 6.12 lakhs 1,941 9,372
Volkswagen Polo 1.5 TDI Comfortline 4.79 lakhs 1,941 9,372
Volkswagen Polo GT 1.2 TSI AT 6.49 lakhs 1,873 13,322

*All values are for comparison purposes only. Final amounts may vary

Important Covers to Add to Your Volkswagen Polo Insurance

As you may be aware, insurance for cars can be of various types, i.e. third-party covers, personal accident covers, or comprehensive policies that offer holistic protection. While the Volkswagen Polo car insurance price depends on many factors, we recommend adding the following covers to your policy:

  • Standalone own-damage cover: Volkswagen Polo is not an Indian car. The original parts are manufactured in Germany and shipped over. Some parts may be hard to find or slightly more expensive than average. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a standalone own-damage cover for your Polo, so you can easily afford any replacements in case of damages not resulting due to accident or collision.
  • Third-party accident cover: Your insurance will cover this mandatorily by law. It is required that every vehicle plying on Indian roads have this minimum coverage to protect third parties (i.e. other drivers on the road) from any accidental damage.
  • Zero Depreciation cover: For a car as expensive as the Volkswagen Polo, it is good to go for a comprehensive policy with zero DEP cover to get maximum compensation even when your car ages.

How Can I Lower the Premium for Insurance on Volkswagen Polo?

The best way to lower your insurance premium is by buying and renewing your car insurance online and claiming your NCB (No Claim Bonus). You will get many offers and discounts when you buy insurance online, and the NCB is easier to claim when renewing virtually than it is to do it offline.

How Do I Buy Volkswagen Polo Insurance Online?

You can easily buy your car insurance online by following these steps:

  • Log into the Tata AIG car insurance website and click on ‘Buy Insurance’.
  • Ensure you have all the details of your car handy such as vehicle registration number, purchase documents, etc.
  • Check for available options such as comprehensive policy, zero dep policy, and other alternatives. Make sure you choose a policy that fits within your budget and has a feasible payment plan
  • Fill up all the necessary details, and voila! You have just bought yourself a new Volkswagen Polo insurance from Tata AIG

How to Renew Insurance on Volkswagen Polo Online?

Renewal is as simple as buying the plan! Once you buy an insurance policy from Tata AIG, all the documents will be sent to your mailing address. You can use the Tata AIG website to renew, claim, and connect with their customer service representatives at any given time.

By John Flynn
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