What to Think About When Creating an ADU

If you’ve ever considered adding more room for yourself or a loved one, there are several factors to consider. You have the option of adding an additional bedroom or renovating your garage. However, an increasingly popular option is to construct an accessory living unit (ADU). These structures may be configured in various ways and give a lot of space.

However, before you seize the chance, there are a few things you should know about ADUs to ensure they are appropriate for your home. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about style, funding, and ADU construction. If an ADU appears to be up your alley, you may contact Acton ADU for assistance with projects in California or for additional answers to outstanding questions.

What is an ADU?

Before you begin working on a home renovation project, you must first understand what you are getting yourself into. An ADU is a dwelling unit erected on residential land. It is frequently used to house smaller residences. Many individuals utilize them as an alternative to nursing homes for their elderly loved ones. Others may choose to rent them out in order to supplement their income.

However, these are only some of the two applications for ADUs. This sort of project can accommodate any additional space requirements. You may keep an ADU in, and if you’ve ever considered adding any of the following to your home:

  • Libraries: If you are a significant bookworm, you will undoubtedly have a lot of books. You may make a reading nook in your new house. Because it is not in your primary residence, you will have the peace and quiet you require to feel comfortable and pay attention to what you are reading.
  • Home Gyms: Not everyone wants to spend money on a gym membership, but you should still work out! Because ADUs may be created with open designs, you can accommodate all of the essential fitness equipment.
  • Art Studios: Creative people require a place to work on their skills. An ADU might be the ideal solution for them. Make lots of storage space for everything from paint to brushes, so you don’t have to waste time looking for certain colors or materials. These residences can also benefit people who manage photographic studios.
  • Home Offices: As more individuals continue to work from home, they must have a suitable workspace in which to fulfill their tasks. Consider adding an ADU for a change of scenery and fewer distractions to your main house to keep it feeling like a home and less like an office.

While these are some of the more popular possibilities, ADUs may be customized in any way you like. Once you’ve decided on a concept, you may start looking for a dependable contractor to help you accomplish the task.

ADU Dimensions

Along with having a notion of what you want from your apartment, you should think about the size of the house. Even while everyone says that bigger is better, it may only be valid in specific cases. Your property can only contain so many people before it becomes overcrowded.

Furthermore, going overboard with your ADU may result in an extra room that is optional. You will save money as a result of this. To avoid this, you should work closely with an ADU contractor, such as Acton ADU, who can advise you on what size will work best for you.


Building an ADU is an investment, just like any other form of building or home renovation project. While you may believe that this would be costly and empty your bank account, a few financing solutions may be available to assist you. Those who work with Acton ADU have the option of employing 30-year fixed loans, moving liquid assets, or even selling other properties.

Before you sign any project, you should always have an estimate of how much it will cost. You want to avoid being startled by the final bill and discovering that it’s not as inexpensive as you had hoped. Set a budget with your contractor since this will aid in determining materials and interior amenities.


Many places have rules on what may and cannot be done to properties under their jurisdiction. This involves adding on to existing structures. If you start building a house without their authorization, you may face problems such as warnings or even large penalties.

You must conduct a study to avoid situations like these. This can be done online, although speaking with an official in person would be preferable. This will assist you in obtaining the most accurate response. For further permissions, you may need to contact your local Homeowners’ Association (HOA).

ADUs are permitted in many areas of California, with a few minor exceptions. Acton ADU is aware of each area’s zoning restrictions because they deal in over 40 places in the state, so they can swiftly inform you what you can and cannot do when working on your designs.


ADUs may be large projects, which implies they are intended to be something other than DIY projects. You will need to get the best building crew to complete the ADU appropriately and to your satisfaction. You should also ensure that they are completely insured and licensed.

When looking for reviews online, look at prior projects to determine whether they meet your requirements. It would help if you also looked at their warranties and techniques, so you know what you’re getting into. Even if they are reliable sources, their work may be different from the style you seek.

Acton ADU, thankfully, offers a variety of ADU floorplans for its consumers to pick from. This is because they understand that no two people will have the same home desires and want to ensure that everyone is helped appropriately. To make matters even better, they will inform you right away if there are any limitations you should be aware of.

Acton ADU projects are completed on time, and you are constantly informed in the loop. Each phase of the process is outlined for you, including price breakdowns and items required. They are aware that this ADU is yours and want you to feel included in the process. You may examine all of the places they service at www.actonadu.com to determine whether they’ll be useful to you.

ADUs might be a huge choice, but they have a lot of advantages. All you need to know is what you desire and whether it is a doable endeavor for your present living condition. Acton ADU can help you add to your property elegance with a little research on your part.

By Matthew Treece
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