Why Aadhaar Card Linking is Important for Bank Account?

Opening a bank account is among the many services requiring an Aadhaar card as proof of identity. One of the key benefits of tying a bank account to an Aadhar card is that it prevents fraud and protects the financial information of a person. Your Aadhar Card may be connected to your bank account online via the bank’s mobile app or internet banking. Nevertheless, the user must be registered with the bank to access the service.

This article explains how to easily link your Aadhaar card to your bank account using various processes like online banking, phone banking, and mobile apps. This basic step-by-step instruction will be helpful in the majority of situations. Nevertheless, the procedure could vary somewhat based on your bank.

Importance of an Aadhaar Card for Your Bank

According to UIDAI’s website, when you link the bank account to your Aadhar card, you safeguard yourself since nobody else can use your identity to access these services. Fraudsters frequently carry out transactions and move money from someone else’s account to their accounts while remaining undetected. They provide the bank with their false names when creating their accounts to engage in money laundering or hide illicit funds. 

As a result, UIDAI emphasizes that once all bank accounts are verified using Aadhaar cards, it would be impossible for these scammers to go unnoticed. Banking would also become safer and more secure as each bank account holder’s identity would be established uniquely through eKYC. As a result, the Aadhaar card link to bank account form helps prevent bank account losses.

Why Should  You Link Your Aadhaar Card Number to Your Bank Account?

The government has been urging people to connect their bank accounts to their Aadhaar for a while now. Although there have been some debates around the Aadhaar card, many have questioned its security, including whether it can be breached or if a person’s personal information may be taken. Yet, UIDAI has often asserted that Aadhaar cannot be hacked and that citizens’ personal information is completely unaltered.  

Here are the reasons as to why one should link their aadhar card to their bank account:

  1. It will lessen the likelihood of fraud and safeguard a person’s financial credentials.
  2. After submitting an income tax return, linking an Aadhaar with a bank account facilitates a smooth reimbursement.
  3. Of the 110 billion bank accounts, 96 billion have been connected to Aadhaar, according to UIDAI.
  4. As linking the Aadhar card would identify who genuinely owns a certain account, it will stop fraudsters from transferring money from one’s account to another.
  5. Transactions by persons who operate shell firms and deal in unaccounted (black money) money will be prevented by linking your Aadhaar card with your bank account.
  6. With the linkage of Aadhaar and bank accounts, it will be simpler to identify individuals involved in fraudulent activities.

How to Link Aadhaar to Your Bank Account Through Internet Banking?

You may link your bank account and Aadhaar using internet banking as well. The following steps are essential:

  • Open the online bank account.
  • Locate the section where you may link the bank account and Aadhaar.
  • Choose the account(s) you wish to link, input the Aadhaar number, and press ‘Submit’.
  • Your registered phone number’s last 2 digits will be shown on the screen.
  • You would get a message regarding the status of the request to link your Aadhaar.

How Can You Link Your Bank Account with Aadhaar via Branch?

The procedure to link the Aadhaar and the bank account via branch visit are given below:

  • Go to the nearby branch of your bank.
  • Keep your Aadhaar or e-Aadhaar on you.
  • Fill in the letter of request. 
  • Send the application and a copy of your Aadhar.
  • After the verification procedure, the branch will link the Aadhaar and your account.
  • An SMS containing details on the progress of your request will be sent to the mobile number you have on file.

Linking Your Bank Account with Aadhaar Through Mobile App

With their mobile apps, many banks let you connect the bank account to the Aadhaar number. The steps you must take are listed below:

  • Download the online banking app in your mobile.
  • Open the application and insert the login information for the account. Complete any security checks if there are any.
  • Choose “Requests” or “Service” Requests or any variant thereof.
  • Search for a menu item that says “Link Aadhaar”.
  • Decide which account you wish to link the Aadhaar to.
  • Insert the Aadhaar number in.
  • Agree to the terms or conditions, if any.
  • Choose “Update or Confirm” to complete the process.

Most banks also enable an Aadhar card link to bank account form using an ATM. Your debit card and PIN can be used for this. You may also connect your bank account and the Aadhaar number using your bank’s phone banking services. The bank will send you an SMS on the registered contact number or email address, updating you on the situation.


By Debbie Lester
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